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Massive Value for Your Financial Freedom:
Daniela Cambone is Now with ITM!

Exciting Announcement and Introduction

We are honored and thrilled to welcome Daniela Cambone to our team as the Director of Global Media. Daniela is a renowned figure with over twenty years in our industry and someone you surely recognize.

Daniela's Expertise and Commitment

Leveraging her extensive expertise in economics and her commitment to sound money principles, Daniela is here to empower you with a deeper grasp on important wealth building and protection strategies, helping you to secure your financial future, freedom, and privacy. Her unique ability to extract valuable insights from global financial thought leaders will translate into enriched content for you, providing powerful and insightful perspectives on macroeconomics and precious metals.

A Wealth of Experience

Building on the momentum from her impressive ascent in financial journalism, Daniela brings a wealth of experience to ITM Trading. Her resume includes prestigious roles as Editor-in-Chief and Lead Anchor at Kitco News as well as Stansberry Research. During her last three years at Stansberry she conducted over 500 interviews and amassed over 100 million views engaging with renowned figures such as Ron Paul, Doug Casey, Frank Giustra, Robert Kiyosaki, and our own Lynette Zang. Her comprehensive and insightful reporting across gold, silver, commodities and the mining sectors has solidified her reputation as an authoritative voice in finance.

Elevating Your Learning Experience

Daniela’s new role is set to increase the level of wealth education you can access on ITM's channel. She is expanding her reach on a global scale and focusing intently on crucial strategies around precious metals, a critical aspect in the current stage of our currency’s lifecycle. In addition to her own show on the channel, she'll also be collaborating with Lynette Zang, our Chief Market Analyst, and Taylor Kenney, our economic journalist, to form a powerhouse team that delivers you exceptional content. Together, they guarantee you a treasure trove of unparalleled insights and strategies curated to empower you in safeguarding your wealth and assets.

A History of Trust and Strategy

ITM Trading has been your trusted and strategic source in precious metals for over 28 years. It is our dedication to equip investors and people like you with vital knowledge and lifetime strategies to preserve your economic freedoms. With Daniela’s addition, we are reinforcing our pledge to continuously evolve and serve millions, making a valuable impact on the public and our broader community.

Our Promise to You

With this strengthened team, we promise to take your future, freedom, and privacy to unparalleled heights, ensuring your financial legacy remains robust for generations to come.

Thank you for allowing us to be your trusted guide on this journey.


Join Daniela's newsletter at ITM Trading to receive upcoming interview dates, live video alerts, special appearances and more.


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